Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its not often you see something girlie from me, but when my bestie's sister had a baby girl recently how could I resist! I'd admit it! I loved the pink. The flowers, and I am currently indulging in a lot of "fussy" cutting of my gorgeous Spring Jubilee Pack that I gratefully received from the lovely ladies at Challenge Me Happy for winning Michelle's challenge in their recent Hoopla competition! I was blown away. Not only as I have never won anything before from scrapbooking, but also the competition was fierce! Man there are some talented scrapper's out there...thanks Michelle. So watch this space for what I create with this scrummy line.

Ok, getting back to my card. Probably not very "babyish", but sweet and girlie all the same. Congrats A and B, such wonderful news...

Love Belinda

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sticking to my guns

Im sitting down with a wine. I have watched the clock for the last hour thinking half four was really too early to crack open a bottle, 5 o'clock, now thats more reasonable. A little less desperate. Who am I kidding, I'm desperate! This afternoon has been somewhat challenging yet I sit here with a somewhat smug look on my face knowing that "I HAVE WON!" Won a battle with my darling six year old, and I stuck to my guns and saw through the punishment! I never do that! I'm usually so weak and give into the crying, pleading, and apologies. Not this time. No rugby practice for Jesse. That will teach ya! Mum is strong, a force to be reckoned with. She will see through her threats...

I do have a problem with myself though in how I handle these outburst's from my boys at times. I get the giggles. And laughing just makes it worse! I'm not sure what comes over me but their tantrums can be so highly amusing that I find it hard to hold back. And try carrying a screaming child into their room for time out whilst cracking up. I can't! All my energy gets sucked out of my arms and they turn to jelly. Just pathetic. So now Im going to be not only a force to reckon with but one with arms of steel.

So no layout today to share, just loving memories of my wee man, who is so fierce that I love him with a fierceness back.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's all about the girls.

Today is a great day. Today I get to take my two older nieces out on a girlie day. There will be shopping, for pink stuff. There will be cupcake eating. There will be Katy Perry movie going (we love you Miss Perry). And I really cannot wait. What up! The day just got even better! My lovely man arrived home with coffee and ginger cake! Im in love, and what's more he's taking my car back to get my WOF! What!! No one ever has done that for me before, I'm a lucky lucky girl. So today was a great day 10 minutes ago. Now its just bloody fantastic!

And to celebrate this girliness here is my latest installment from the Challenge Me Happy challenge that  Michelle posted, to use the word Happy on my LO. What could be happier? Cupcakes, pink, and an adorable little face like this...