Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a party planner?

I'd admit it! I love throwing a party. Not your average throw a sausage on the BBQ bring a plate kinda party, but one with all the trimmings. I could go nuts! I think it could be my calling. There is a problem with throwing parties though, I'm always running round like a headless chook on speed that I never get a chance to take a breath and enjoy the ambience, so I need to learn to balance the two. I do get somewhat excited too and maybe that mixed with the odd glass of Pinot Gris is a recipe for disaster. Ok, no more drinking at my own parties, strictly reserved for other peoples parties (lets hope there will be a few this summer or else it's looking a little dry)....

With that said the follow up to Louie's 1st birthday will have to be mine. Im thinking a tea party on the lawn. Peony roses, my grandmothers china, pastel accents, and delicate tasty nibbley morsels. Ok, and a sneaky wee sparkles too..

love Bee

Friday, November 9, 2012

my baby is ONE

Today Louie is ONE. I know we all say it, where has that time gone, but its true! Only yesterday I was holding the new love of my life in my arms after being delivered by caesarean section. This wee boy has brought so much love and happiness to our lives, I feel truly blessed that I am his Mamma.

So here's to you my darling. Mummy, Daddy, James and Jesse wish you a very Happy 1st Birthday. We love you with all our hearts as you continue to brighten our lives...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

craft day wednesday

A new tradition has started... Craftday Wednesday. Where myself and my two scrapbooking homies scrap the day away. There is lots of laughs, lots of coffee, and if we are lucky lots of scrapbooking done. Sometimes chocolate is involved, yesterday it took consuming 6 pieces of the stuff to realise that it wasn't strawberry but turkish delight i was eating. I hate turkish delight.

And yesterday was the beginning of my Project Life adventure. I never knew my life was so goddam exciting, but when you put together a weeks worth of photos from all the stuff achieved that week it really does make for good reading. Some weeks I suppose will be less exciting than others, so then I'll fill my pages with random thoughts and pretty stuff.

So here is my first attempt,

So Craftday Wednesday's just got a whole lot more exciting... now to convince Matty to deliver sushi every week for the busy scrappers...mmmmm

Love Bee

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

holidays, zombies and tough love.

I cannot believe how long its been since I've posted! Where has the time gone, or maybe I'm still on "rarotongan time". This is my happy place, our 8 nights in paradise wasn't nearly enough time, longer next, I promise.

Though the happy thoughts of sand between my toes and cocktails with barbie umbrellas have been marred by the zombie that I have become. Like a Michael Jackson Thriller zombie we are talking. (Has anyone ever noticed how classy the lady zombies are in that video, they all have hats on!). Our darling Louie as been possessed and for the last twenty nights we have had party central in Louie's room, next he'll be wanting a disco ball installed! A one person in nappies party. One so loud he sent his brother to retreat to the couch for the night. And I'm stuffed, with sawdust. My head is like sawdust, I am grumpy. Impatient. Tearful. And pissed off. So off to the doctor's this morning to confirm what I already knew, there's nothing wrong with the wee cherub!!!

So tonight this zombie is getting all nasty. No cuddles for you Master Yates. No picking you up for you to giggle and snuggle into my neck. No sirree! I'm getting tough. It worked before when the dummy was finished with and it will work again.... just don't look at me with the chubby little cheeks and dancing eyes darling, Mummy has a job to do!

Monday, September 10, 2012

CMH Challenge #29

Hi guys! Hasn't this weekend been just glorious, I have spent quite a bit of time in the garden which is such good therapy! A quick post for you today as I have a layout to upload to the girls at Challenge Me Happy. This challenge was for SEWING, which I'm really into at the moment so was thrilled to get this gorgeous wee one done of Louie is his first snow! Enjoy your day, throw open those doors and let that beautiful spring breeze through....

Love Bee

Friday, August 31, 2012

What a week

Im knackered. This week I have shed so many tears that my tear ducts are now two achy wee holes in the corner of my eyes. And I need a miracle cream to rid of these cream puffs that are where my eyes once were.

We started the week with a hiss and a roar getting divorced. As you do. On Mondays. As if that day wasn't already the most suckiest of the week. Tuesday, exhausted by the uncontrollable sobbing and my dog being tormented by the full moon (Finn you are not a lone wolf! You are a Retriever, build a bridge!), I climbed out of bed at around 11:30. Decent enough. Then yesterday it was everyone's turn to jump on the crying wagon as myself, the ex, and the boys went to say goodbye to our family home as the government took the keys... Goodbye driveway where James learnt to ride his bike. Goodbye sunny bedroom where Jesse was nursed in the rocking chair. Goodbye back door step that I'd stand on to talk to my beautiful neighbor over the fence. So many lovely lovely memories. Many horrid ones too... goodbye gaping hole in the lounge ceiling. Goodbye liquefaction sandpits in the garden. Warped gates. Cracked paving. It sucks, this whole thing just bloody sucks.

And then we have the hello's! Hello Mandeville Park! How I can't wait to be with you. Hello new home, craft room, ensuite, walk in wardrobe, scullery, oh and did I mention craft room? Yes the Hello's in my life are going to be very happy indeed.

Love Bee xx

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The big D

Yesterday I finished a chapter in my 'life' book. The chapter was titled D is for Divorce. Not a fun chapter, though one that was inevitable. It started several years ago after coming home from a local shopping mall in tears after watching two children being 'handed' over to the other parent for the weekend. That was never going to be us. And you know what, it never has become us too. Because even though a seperation is one of the shittiest thing's you can go through, and man it would be so so easy to be bitter and angry, the kids are the only losers when adults forget about what is best for the little people. So through these last three years, my ex and I have run up and down the rugby sidelines together cheering the boys on. We have sat side by side at parent-teacher interviews and beamed at one another over the boys successes. Birthday parties are shared and the occasional drink on the back deck whilst the boys play in the yard. It has been hard, but it has been good. I'm proud of myself. The way this chapter in my life has been handled. And now more beautiful, exciting chapters are to be written with my gorgeous 3 boys, my loving friends and family, and the gorgeous man that has stood by my side and helped me through it all!

Love Bee xx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Morning everyone! Well its great that the burning ball in the sky has made a short appearance this morning, and with the breeze blowing blossom over our sodden lawn, it is actually feeling a bit "springish"!

 Over the last few months Louie and I have been visiting Room 27 at Banks Ave School to participate in the Empathy program. This is where Louie is observed by the kids and they learn about his development, and transition into different stages from being a baby through to becoming a toddler. I just love how these kids have bonded with my wee man and as each month rolls round, they are just so excited to see us! Louie, being a bit of a show pony (not sure where he gets that from!) just loves it too. So anyhow on our last visit a reporter from Pegasus Bay News came to interview us and take some snaps. All very good, that was until my gorgeous neighbor brought over her copy last night... great photo, cute article... shame about Louie being called Louie Leen rather than Louie Yates!!! Opps! Although I thought it was hilarious, and my darling ex husband thinking it was somewhat amusing, my Matty thought otherwise! Well it was bound to happen, this melting pot of a family that we live in is just the way I like it. We may have different names, with some kids belonging to others, but we love one another immensely just the same this Yates/Leen/Bradshaw clan.

 Here is a sneak peak of a  recent Layout I've done for Scrappin Patch as we are running an awesome competition at the moment Use your Stash, jump on their blog and check it out.

enjoy this sunshine, Love Bee xxx

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh the joys...

So last night my darling 8 year old begrudgingly started to set the table, moaning about cutlery, the plight of being the oldest child, and the fact that Matthew was to be joining us for dinner. In his house! At his table! Eating the food he paid for! So, disgusted as I was at the attitude of my darling boy, I sent him to his room. Then, clever me, took him his dinner to eat up there, alone. I was dead proud of my hard, staunch stand, and sat down to eat my meal in peace with the rest of the family. James finished his meal, practically licked the plate dry. And when I challenged him on what it was like to eat alone in his room, he said..."Actually Mum I quite enjoyed the peace and quiet for a change!" Damn it! I will just have to use that tactic not for punishment but rather to get the meal eaten! Oh the joys...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CMH Challenge #27

I know its been a while, life is very very uneventful at the moment. Not sure what it is but I blame the youngest of the family. The kid sleeps, and we are talking 3 sleeps a day not including once he's down for the night at 7pm. So consequently I'm a bit stuck, stuck in his routine. Roll on summer where the sun can get me back outside pottering around in the garden. At the moment it's an enchanted forest of decaying leaves and scrawny roses waiting to be hacked back to within an inch of their life! I really need to put my fabulous new love on my feet and lose myself out there, check these out...

Aren't they just gorgeous! Right where are some decent puddles...

So the girls at Challenge Me Happy have a fantastic challenge for this fortnight, a recipe! What was required was: one or more stamps
                      2 photos
                      ribbon or twine
                      2 or more paper clips
                      no cardstock
                      3 or more patterned papers

So here is my take. A layout in tribute to the crazy, strong, and fabulous friendship that I have with my darling Jacqui. We are slightly nuts, and hardly act our age at times, but she truly is the wind beneath my wings.

and a few wee details...

Love BEE


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CMH Challenge #26

I have to say I feel very little guilt for sitting back watching the Olympics on days like these. MN is certainly pulling out all the stops on us here in Christchurch, ensuring what is left of Winter be cold and dreary. And thank goodness for that! How else would I be able to watch TV mid day unashamedly
like I have been!

The weather has also given me a chance to finish this Challenge #26 for the girls at Challenge Me Happy. We had to use the word 'Today' in our title so I did this one of James' birthday that was recently. And thanks to Hannah I was able to finish it off with some of the goodies she sent me for her RAK prize from the Hoopla Comp. Thanks so much, loved loved loved my loot!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its not often you see something girlie from me, but when my bestie's sister had a baby girl recently how could I resist! I'd admit it! I loved the pink. The flowers, and I am currently indulging in a lot of "fussy" cutting of my gorgeous Spring Jubilee Pack that I gratefully received from the lovely ladies at Challenge Me Happy for winning Michelle's challenge in their recent Hoopla competition! I was blown away. Not only as I have never won anything before from scrapbooking, but also the competition was fierce! Man there are some talented scrapper's out there...thanks Michelle. So watch this space for what I create with this scrummy line.

Ok, getting back to my card. Probably not very "babyish", but sweet and girlie all the same. Congrats A and B, such wonderful news...

Love Belinda

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sticking to my guns

Im sitting down with a wine. I have watched the clock for the last hour thinking half four was really too early to crack open a bottle, 5 o'clock, now thats more reasonable. A little less desperate. Who am I kidding, I'm desperate! This afternoon has been somewhat challenging yet I sit here with a somewhat smug look on my face knowing that "I HAVE WON!" Won a battle with my darling six year old, and I stuck to my guns and saw through the punishment! I never do that! I'm usually so weak and give into the crying, pleading, and apologies. Not this time. No rugby practice for Jesse. That will teach ya! Mum is strong, a force to be reckoned with. She will see through her threats...

I do have a problem with myself though in how I handle these outburst's from my boys at times. I get the giggles. And laughing just makes it worse! I'm not sure what comes over me but their tantrums can be so highly amusing that I find it hard to hold back. And try carrying a screaming child into their room for time out whilst cracking up. I can't! All my energy gets sucked out of my arms and they turn to jelly. Just pathetic. So now Im going to be not only a force to reckon with but one with arms of steel.

So no layout today to share, just loving memories of my wee man, who is so fierce that I love him with a fierceness back.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's all about the girls.

Today is a great day. Today I get to take my two older nieces out on a girlie day. There will be shopping, for pink stuff. There will be cupcake eating. There will be Katy Perry movie going (we love you Miss Perry). And I really cannot wait. What up! The day just got even better! My lovely man arrived home with coffee and ginger cake! Im in love, and what's more he's taking my car back to get my WOF! What!! No one ever has done that for me before, I'm a lucky lucky girl. So today was a great day 10 minutes ago. Now its just bloody fantastic!

And to celebrate this girliness here is my latest installment from the Challenge Me Happy challenge that  Michelle posted, to use the word Happy on my LO. What could be happier? Cupcakes, pink, and an adorable little face like this...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Histeria and Heartbreak

Since when were we such big German Football supporters? Someone must have slipped something into James' Milo this morning cos things were just not right in our abode today, and all because Germany were losing to Italy! You would've thought Jesse had told him that Santa was taking a break this year, or that Disneyland and been swallowed up by a theme park eating monster. But no, Germany were losing. There were tears. There were screams. We had hiding under our blankets in our room refusing to go to school. Life was not fair. Jesse was not fair. Germany were losing to Italy! For heavens sake, when did we become such avid Germany Football Fans? Clearly I missed the fact that this was the end of the world as James would know it. So off he went to school, in a grump. I came home, looked around my living room, and asked myself "What the hell just happened here?"

By the way here is my 2nd installment for Challenge Me Happy's One year Anniversary Challenge, this one from Norine, and the theme being 'birthdays"

...oh and by the way, GO ITALY!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Challenge Me Happy Challenge

Sometimes I need a wee kick up the bum to get the scrapbooking juices flowing, and since I can't really participate in the Scrappin Patch Stars in their Eyes comp, the one on CMH was the perfect jump start I needed. Isn't it easier when someone challenges us or gives us the prompts to start? Anyhow I have enjoyed standing at the dining room table today with the winter sun streaming in, doing this "recipe" layout challenge from Hannah, which had to include card stock, patterned paper, a stamped image, staples, words in the title and stickers.

The card stock and patterned papers were the easy part. I then added the gorgeous chipboard stickers from Crate Papers Story Teller range, stamped some circles onto some twine to create a garland effect, added some word stickers from Simple Stories Summer Fresh Alpha Sheet, and threw in a couple of staples for good measure...I think I ticked all the boxes! Thanks Hannah for the wonderful inspiration.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's raining cotton buds!!

How perfect is this! Fire blazing whilst snow slowly drifts from the sky. I could sit at this table forever and gaze vacantly at our backyard, it just looks so so pretty.

Doesn't everything though when covered with snow. Even our munted house in the "Red Zone" looks beautiful, rather melancholic, sitting there cold and lonely in a blanket of white to cover its imperfections.
I do have a longing to run out there (the snow is a lot thicker than above now)and cast my snow angel in the snow, yet I know how my not 10 year old body will perform. I will be like a cast sheep, struggling to heave myself back up. It will be cold. And it will be wet. I will admire the snow from this position right here I think.

I am really enjoying scrapping to challenges at the moment, maybe its my competitive side coming out, and this one I have completed from the recent Challenge Me Happy girls would have to be one of my fav's.

I have also done this one too which I can definitely say was inspired by Jessy Christopher I am really loving on her style right now too...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A busy little scrapper.

I've been a bit of a lazy toad of late. Lying in the Autumn sun in front of the fire, reading, snoozing. Not in the designer catalogue ugg boot kind of way, but the teeth un-brushed, greasy hair kind of way. The dining room table, where my family is meant to dine, is askew with scraps, washi tape, blue tabs, and photos...lots of photos. Its been a busy time indulging in my love of scrapping though, especially with the week that I was hosting the Stars in their Eyes drawing to a close on Scrappin Patch. Jessy Christopher was an absolute inspiration and I loved seeing what the talented ladies submitted for the challenge. So I jumped on the Challenge band wagon too and felt the mojo surge as I entered a challenges on both Two Peas and Challenge Me Happy, and this is the sketch challenge result...


And this is the result for my Two Peas Weekly Sketch Challenge....


Hope you love, keep warm, and challenging me more!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jessy you're a STAR!

Doing the Stars in their Eyes Competition was a biggie for me as I've never really been in contact with a designer before, and believe me I was a tad nervous about asking, but the wonderful Jessy Christopher couldn't have been more gracious! (huge sigh of relief) So I really hope the girls over at scrappinpatch.blogspot.co.nz get into this challenge. Me, I had a lot of fun too, here's my take on her work...

Monday, May 21, 2012

A lost weekend...

Where did the weekend go? Did we have one? Or was it National 'rob Mother's of a weekend' weekend? Possibly because I ain't see one! And are there actually people that sleep in, read the paper over a brunch of french toast, and curl up on a sunny window sill to read with a warm cocoa in their hand? You've seen them too eh. Dressed in neutral winter tones, cable knit jerseys, designer ugg boots. I have my suspusions. Because last I looked weekends were rushed mornings with honey on stale bread. Fleeing out the door to stand for over an hour in the heavy drizzle to watch the boys play rugby, freezing my boobies off! Quick dash home to throw food down the boys necks to hurry them off to THEIR social life. Tidying the house. Gardening. Watching more rugby. Stomach growling cos I haven't had anything since the stale toast...you get the picture, not a cable knit in sight!

But get this, I did manage to Scrap, if you call rushing over to a friends, sitting there for an hour to finish off 2 unfinished layouts scrapping. Robbed of time! Oh well there is always next week.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the problem with boys...

I said these words to J1 and J2 this morning as they were dilly dallying about trying to get dressed..."if I had girls, things would be a lot more efficient in this place!" Yes it is true! Routines would be stuck to. Orders would be answered. Clothes tidy. Teeth cleaned. Hair in pretty little piggies with matching ribbons. Socks up to the knees. Bed neat as a pin. And off to school we would march with Hello Kitty backpacks filled with homework completed and gourmet lunchboxes. But no. Instead i have, bed hair. Odd socks. Toothpaste smeared over cheeky grins. Beds, as they were, strewn. Orders answered back to. Homework half done. And half of the Transformers lunchboxes are filled with leftovers of yesterdays lunch, which will happen tomorrow, then the next day, then the next day, until they finally eat that apple!!!!! **sigh**

But alas, those cheeky toothpaste grins get me every time. I try to be cross. To put order into this so called morning routine. But every time I kiss those two goodbye at the school gates, my heart bursts with pride and love...

Actually there is one problem with boys, the inability never to be able to scrap in PINK! I will be forever scrapping in blue, red and green. And so it is! There IS a problem with boys.

Over at Scrappin Patch there is this fantastic wee comp starting tomorrow, might pay to check it out if you're that way inclined. I'll be posting. It will be fabulous...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creepy Crawlies

Head Lice!!! What is with that? Why do children with clean hair get it? Why do the Georgie Grubb's miss out on the delight of small alien creatures invading their scalp, laying more eggs than an entire poultry farm in one sitting!!!! Hence why J1 and J2 are off school today, patiently waiting for their Dad to arrive with the clippers for shearing time, alas, it's the only way. J1 is devastated that he no longer will be mistaken for a member of One Direction, but agrees that it may in fact help with speed on the rugby field. J2, well he's use to looking like he belongs in a concentration camp. Sweet wee man. And why does the mear mention of nits send my head into spasms of scratchiness? I can tell you one thing, those clippers aren't coming near me!

Monday, April 30, 2012

The kind policeman and the space cadet!

It is official! I have two extremely different boys, Louie is still too little to add to the "personality" comparison game so he's out. But the other two... OMG! What is happening to James? He seems to have had a personality transplant! Gone is my responsible, motivated wee guy, now I have something that resembles him that is on "planet James" all the time! Surely it's too early for hormones and the like to be setting in! The hair would rival any nest in the trees of our backyard. The vacant look in the eyes are that of a poet daydreaming another sonnet. And over active imagination on stretching the truth, is he a criminal or lawyer in the making?

Then we have Jesse. Tidy, responsible Jesse. Lets kept the hair short and flat Jesse. Absolutely no spiking aloud. The Jesse that puts up with crap from his older brother, then wants to share his pocket money with him. The kid is a saint in the making! Or is he cunning? Offering his wealth and love to his oldest, a ploy to conceal the devil that he sometime is? Flip! Who knows! One thing is for sure, the may be poles apart in personalities at the moment, but truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh and I have done a bit of scrapbooking over the weekend, thanks to jnr putting in the long hours in his cot! Here's a wee sample of what I did...

Love Bee

Monday, April 23, 2012

hello Monday!

Well that went surprisingly smoothly! No yelling, no harping, dishwasher unstacked, teeth brushed, James' hair typically askew, all in all a good performance. So now we have peace. A sleeping baby. Appliances churring away at their work. Sun streaming through the windows. There is only one thing left to do, clean up the house to make another scrapping. Hello Monday, all is good in my world!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have arrived!

So here I am at blogspot, and hey, I'm loving it! A few wee tweeks needed to the appearance but I'll get there. Its been a crazy week, well second week really. School holidays, mmmm. Gotta love them, and hate them. Love having the boys home, lots of cuddles, pyjamas til late, no school bags and lunches to pack...bliss! But then there is the flip side. Pyjamas till too late, school bags clogging up the wardrobe, and lunch boxes loitering around on the bench cos they have no home, only in the boys bags. Sigh.

Next week I'll take over the dining table, kitchen bench and hallway again with my stash of scrapbooking supplies, and get creating again, can't wait! Here is a little something I have done for Scrappin Patch.