Sunday, July 28, 2013

Southern Girls Challenge #74

Well there really isn't anything like a challenge to stop the procrastination, and to get a layout finished. I've been staring at this photo of James and Finn for a very very long time, I mean in the photo James is 5, the boy is now 9, now thats the definition of procrastination! But some photos just do that to you don't they? Whether its an photo that is just too precious you are worried you wont to it justice, or a photo too hideous to scrap though it marks an important event. So my resolution, find a challenge that suits the photo...and DO IT! Thanks girls from Southern Girls Challenge, you help me get off my ass with this one!

Love Bee

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project Life Creativity

I really cannot express how thrilled I am with the products that Im getting in for the Paperdoll Company. Everything just seems to lend itself so well to my Project Life and is complementing my Becky Higgins kits really well.

For my week 24/30 June I used some of my products Pretty Little Studio 6x4 Journalling cards, an Evalicious Weekday Banner Flair, Evalicious Snipsnip Tags, and Days of the Week Tape, which went well with my Jade Project Life Kit.

Love Bee

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blood pressure of an angel

Thats right, blood pressure of an angel! I love my doctor, I can honestly say I look forward to seeing her. We have a bond. She takes the mickey out of me. I laugh. Its great! So today I had a check up to be sure everything was tickety boo after Mum's recent health concerns. Lets face it we are getting to "that age" people. For goodness sake it took me 2 days to get over a hangover a few weeks back. Near 40 Belinda!!! Not near 20 (*sigh). So apparently my heart sounds great, I have the blood pressure of an angel, and my body mass index is right on also (celebrated that one with a few ginger nuts when I got home), so now just off for the bloods and a big thumbs up from Doctor Joce!

Blood pressure is a funny one though. Don't we all sit there and relax like crazy when they squeeze the life out of our biceps. Calm now, easy does it, is our inner chant. And to be honest mine sometimes feels like its going through the roof! Bless those 3 little gremlins that suck the good energy from me between the hours of 6-8:30 am only to return again at 3pm for another few hours of health damaging antics. I can't believe I actually enjoy it, my god I'd better get back to the Doctor, I'm obviously sick!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Morning! Or is it still night?

I should be still looking at the inside of my eyelids, but I have a 19 month old that insisted that he was more important than sleep. Really Louie? 5:30? I suppose I've got no excuse now for this household to run smoothly and on time this morning now. I wonder how many cups of Moccona I'm going to get through before 12pm?

This is however an excellent time to think about my products on Facebook, new Evalicious Flair arrived this week. Isn't Flair awesome! So heres some pics of what's on offer...

Have a great day everyone, hopefully with a few more hours sleep than yours truly!

love Bee

Monday, July 1, 2013

Guess what I've been doing!

The Paper Doll Company has returned, and this time I'm feeling so good about my wee venture. It truly has become a case of 'doing what you love'.

 And I love to scrap. So lets do it! Since the introduction to Project Life last year my life has been fill of capturing the little moments, the things that make us giggle and that we talk about at dinner time. Its not those momentous occasions with all the family gathered (although they are special too), but its the kids being proud of a school project, or the baby doing his nudie run after his bath. That stuff. Hence why The Paper Doll Company has more direction this time. Its those little bits that add to our story, that "bling it up", and I'm so excited to have some gorgeous products on board! The funky Flair badges from Evalicious, and the journalling cards from Pretty Little Studio are just too cute!

So for now I'm selling my wares on my Facebook Page: Paper Doll Company. Have a nosey, see what you think. Of course I just had to have a play with some of my stock and loved using it on this layout..

Love Bee xx