Friday, August 31, 2012

What a week

Im knackered. This week I have shed so many tears that my tear ducts are now two achy wee holes in the corner of my eyes. And I need a miracle cream to rid of these cream puffs that are where my eyes once were.

We started the week with a hiss and a roar getting divorced. As you do. On Mondays. As if that day wasn't already the most suckiest of the week. Tuesday, exhausted by the uncontrollable sobbing and my dog being tormented by the full moon (Finn you are not a lone wolf! You are a Retriever, build a bridge!), I climbed out of bed at around 11:30. Decent enough. Then yesterday it was everyone's turn to jump on the crying wagon as myself, the ex, and the boys went to say goodbye to our family home as the government took the keys... Goodbye driveway where James learnt to ride his bike. Goodbye sunny bedroom where Jesse was nursed in the rocking chair. Goodbye back door step that I'd stand on to talk to my beautiful neighbor over the fence. So many lovely lovely memories. Many horrid ones too... goodbye gaping hole in the lounge ceiling. Goodbye liquefaction sandpits in the garden. Warped gates. Cracked paving. It sucks, this whole thing just bloody sucks.

And then we have the hello's! Hello Mandeville Park! How I can't wait to be with you. Hello new home, craft room, ensuite, walk in wardrobe, scullery, oh and did I mention craft room? Yes the Hello's in my life are going to be very happy indeed.

Love Bee xx

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The big D

Yesterday I finished a chapter in my 'life' book. The chapter was titled D is for Divorce. Not a fun chapter, though one that was inevitable. It started several years ago after coming home from a local shopping mall in tears after watching two children being 'handed' over to the other parent for the weekend. That was never going to be us. And you know what, it never has become us too. Because even though a seperation is one of the shittiest thing's you can go through, and man it would be so so easy to be bitter and angry, the kids are the only losers when adults forget about what is best for the little people. So through these last three years, my ex and I have run up and down the rugby sidelines together cheering the boys on. We have sat side by side at parent-teacher interviews and beamed at one another over the boys successes. Birthday parties are shared and the occasional drink on the back deck whilst the boys play in the yard. It has been hard, but it has been good. I'm proud of myself. The way this chapter in my life has been handled. And now more beautiful, exciting chapters are to be written with my gorgeous 3 boys, my loving friends and family, and the gorgeous man that has stood by my side and helped me through it all!

Love Bee xx

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Morning everyone! Well its great that the burning ball in the sky has made a short appearance this morning, and with the breeze blowing blossom over our sodden lawn, it is actually feeling a bit "springish"!

 Over the last few months Louie and I have been visiting Room 27 at Banks Ave School to participate in the Empathy program. This is where Louie is observed by the kids and they learn about his development, and transition into different stages from being a baby through to becoming a toddler. I just love how these kids have bonded with my wee man and as each month rolls round, they are just so excited to see us! Louie, being a bit of a show pony (not sure where he gets that from!) just loves it too. So anyhow on our last visit a reporter from Pegasus Bay News came to interview us and take some snaps. All very good, that was until my gorgeous neighbor brought over her copy last night... great photo, cute article... shame about Louie being called Louie Leen rather than Louie Yates!!! Opps! Although I thought it was hilarious, and my darling ex husband thinking it was somewhat amusing, my Matty thought otherwise! Well it was bound to happen, this melting pot of a family that we live in is just the way I like it. We may have different names, with some kids belonging to others, but we love one another immensely just the same this Yates/Leen/Bradshaw clan.

 Here is a sneak peak of a  recent Layout I've done for Scrappin Patch as we are running an awesome competition at the moment Use your Stash, jump on their blog and check it out.

enjoy this sunshine, Love Bee xxx

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh the joys...

So last night my darling 8 year old begrudgingly started to set the table, moaning about cutlery, the plight of being the oldest child, and the fact that Matthew was to be joining us for dinner. In his house! At his table! Eating the food he paid for! So, disgusted as I was at the attitude of my darling boy, I sent him to his room. Then, clever me, took him his dinner to eat up there, alone. I was dead proud of my hard, staunch stand, and sat down to eat my meal in peace with the rest of the family. James finished his meal, practically licked the plate dry. And when I challenged him on what it was like to eat alone in his room, he said..."Actually Mum I quite enjoyed the peace and quiet for a change!" Damn it! I will just have to use that tactic not for punishment but rather to get the meal eaten! Oh the joys...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CMH Challenge #27

I know its been a while, life is very very uneventful at the moment. Not sure what it is but I blame the youngest of the family. The kid sleeps, and we are talking 3 sleeps a day not including once he's down for the night at 7pm. So consequently I'm a bit stuck, stuck in his routine. Roll on summer where the sun can get me back outside pottering around in the garden. At the moment it's an enchanted forest of decaying leaves and scrawny roses waiting to be hacked back to within an inch of their life! I really need to put my fabulous new love on my feet and lose myself out there, check these out...

Aren't they just gorgeous! Right where are some decent puddles...

So the girls at Challenge Me Happy have a fantastic challenge for this fortnight, a recipe! What was required was: one or more stamps
                      2 photos
                      ribbon or twine
                      2 or more paper clips
                      no cardstock
                      3 or more patterned papers

So here is my take. A layout in tribute to the crazy, strong, and fabulous friendship that I have with my darling Jacqui. We are slightly nuts, and hardly act our age at times, but she truly is the wind beneath my wings.

and a few wee details...

Love BEE


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

CMH Challenge #26

I have to say I feel very little guilt for sitting back watching the Olympics on days like these. MN is certainly pulling out all the stops on us here in Christchurch, ensuring what is left of Winter be cold and dreary. And thank goodness for that! How else would I be able to watch TV mid day unashamedly
like I have been!

The weather has also given me a chance to finish this Challenge #26 for the girls at Challenge Me Happy. We had to use the word 'Today' in our title so I did this one of James' birthday that was recently. And thanks to Hannah I was able to finish it off with some of the goodies she sent me for her RAK prize from the Hoopla Comp. Thanks so much, loved loved loved my loot!