Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Blood pressure of an angel

Thats right, blood pressure of an angel! I love my doctor, I can honestly say I look forward to seeing her. We have a bond. She takes the mickey out of me. I laugh. Its great! So today I had a check up to be sure everything was tickety boo after Mum's recent health concerns. Lets face it we are getting to "that age" people. For goodness sake it took me 2 days to get over a hangover a few weeks back. Near 40 Belinda!!! Not near 20 (*sigh). So apparently my heart sounds great, I have the blood pressure of an angel, and my body mass index is right on also (celebrated that one with a few ginger nuts when I got home), so now just off for the bloods and a big thumbs up from Doctor Joce!

Blood pressure is a funny one though. Don't we all sit there and relax like crazy when they squeeze the life out of our biceps. Calm now, easy does it, is our inner chant. And to be honest mine sometimes feels like its going through the roof! Bless those 3 little gremlins that suck the good energy from me between the hours of 6-8:30 am only to return again at 3pm for another few hours of health damaging antics. I can't believe I actually enjoy it, my god I'd better get back to the Doctor, I'm obviously sick!

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