Friday, July 11, 2014

its a happy sunny day

It is a sunny day, and with that comes a quiet house. Not a squeal, not a whinge, no "MUM!!". I love it, what this neighbourhood brings to my boys childhood. Friends all around, to share a soccer game with or a Nerf gun war. It is what we had as kids.

And so a chance to blog for me whilst Master 2 sleeps...awww he's so cute when he does that!

So I'm loving our new home. It really is like a blank canvas that develops and becomes a whole picture all the time. A cushion there, a frame there. And I've been pleasantly surprised to see how well a few scrapbooking items are making their way out of the craft room to around the house and they just seem to fit so's a couple of examples.

thanks for stopping Bee

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