Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hopity Hop Hop

So my lovely friend Louise over at Southern Girls Challenge, asked me to join in on this blog hop, to be honest I'd never done one before so thought it was great chance to get to know a lot of other crafty individuals and to see what everyone was up to. Man there is talent out there people, starting with Lou of course! So there are a few questions been asked of a meet and greet, so here goes.

What am I working on?

Currently Im desperately trying to keep up with my Project Life. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of photos in my camera, but sitting down and editing them to have printed is proving a bit of a mission. Thankfully the gorgeous Manu has left our screens for another season of MKR so maybe I'll be able to pull myself together and finally get them done!

I am also working on my online Scrapbook Store The Paper Doll Company, this wee boutique shop has been born through my absolute love for the craft, a need for some great local stores, and the enjoyment I have in retail.

How does my work differ from others in it's Genre?

I don't think anything of my work really differs from anyones else. I create because I love documenting my family's life. I love design and art, and gorgeous pretty things that stick with glue!! I think we all have that problem eh..LOL!

Why do I do what I do?

Not only do I love to document our life as a family, I want to drive my boys insane when they are older by dragging these albums out when their new girlfriends come for dinner. The Crazy Old Scrap Lady they will call me. HAHA

How does your creative process work?

I would like to think that this space looked like this all the time, but alas no. I'm usually a bit messy, and do like to use all my products, I suppose I'm a user not a collector of scrapbooking things.

So thanks for stopping by. I hope you know a wee bit more about me now and hope to see you over at  The Paper Doll sometime, Love Bee xx


  1. I'm trying so hard to catch up on my project life album! I love your crafting space, it's beautiful (and tidy). Great blog hop post!

  2. A great read Bee. Loved the peak into your craft space too. Hugs, Wends x

  3. Popping in to say what a gorgeous layout you did for the challenge Bee. Utterly LOVE it! Such a gorgeous photo to work with too. Big hugs, Wends x