Tuesday, October 30, 2012

holidays, zombies and tough love.

I cannot believe how long its been since I've posted! Where has the time gone, or maybe I'm still on "rarotongan time". This is my happy place, our 8 nights in paradise wasn't nearly enough time, longer next, I promise.

Though the happy thoughts of sand between my toes and cocktails with barbie umbrellas have been marred by the zombie that I have become. Like a Michael Jackson Thriller zombie we are talking. (Has anyone ever noticed how classy the lady zombies are in that video, they all have hats on!). Our darling Louie as been possessed and for the last twenty nights we have had party central in Louie's room, next he'll be wanting a disco ball installed! A one person in nappies party. One so loud he sent his brother to retreat to the couch for the night. And I'm stuffed, with sawdust. My head is like sawdust, I am grumpy. Impatient. Tearful. And pissed off. So off to the doctor's this morning to confirm what I already knew, there's nothing wrong with the wee cherub!!!

So tonight this zombie is getting all nasty. No cuddles for you Master Yates. No picking you up for you to giggle and snuggle into my neck. No sirree! I'm getting tough. It worked before when the dummy was finished with and it will work again.... just don't look at me with the chubby little cheeks and dancing eyes darling, Mummy has a job to do!

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