Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creepy Crawlies

Head Lice!!! What is with that? Why do children with clean hair get it? Why do the Georgie Grubb's miss out on the delight of small alien creatures invading their scalp, laying more eggs than an entire poultry farm in one sitting!!!! Hence why J1 and J2 are off school today, patiently waiting for their Dad to arrive with the clippers for shearing time, alas, it's the only way. J1 is devastated that he no longer will be mistaken for a member of One Direction, but agrees that it may in fact help with speed on the rugby field. J2, well he's use to looking like he belongs in a concentration camp. Sweet wee man. And why does the mear mention of nits send my head into spasms of scratchiness? I can tell you one thing, those clippers aren't coming near me!

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