Monday, May 21, 2012

A lost weekend...

Where did the weekend go? Did we have one? Or was it National 'rob Mother's of a weekend' weekend? Possibly because I ain't see one! And are there actually people that sleep in, read the paper over a brunch of french toast, and curl up on a sunny window sill to read with a warm cocoa in their hand? You've seen them too eh. Dressed in neutral winter tones, cable knit jerseys, designer ugg boots. I have my suspusions. Because last I looked weekends were rushed mornings with honey on stale bread. Fleeing out the door to stand for over an hour in the heavy drizzle to watch the boys play rugby, freezing my boobies off! Quick dash home to throw food down the boys necks to hurry them off to THEIR social life. Tidying the house. Gardening. Watching more rugby. Stomach growling cos I haven't had anything since the stale get the picture, not a cable knit in sight!

But get this, I did manage to Scrap, if you call rushing over to a friends, sitting there for an hour to finish off 2 unfinished layouts scrapping. Robbed of time! Oh well there is always next week.


  1. I think you've been looking at your mum's old knitting pattern books - cable knit and ugg boots? resting on a weekend? madness has set in LOL lovely to see your scrapping work, enjoy your stuff a lot!

  2. You have to wait until they are teens and then they stay in bed until lunch time allowing you a few hours of peace and quiet...and bacon and eggs for brekkie and even a wee bit of scrappy time.....and not a cable cardigan in sight either!! LOL