Friday, June 29, 2012

Histeria and Heartbreak

Since when were we such big German Football supporters? Someone must have slipped something into James' Milo this morning cos things were just not right in our abode today, and all because Germany were losing to Italy! You would've thought Jesse had told him that Santa was taking a break this year, or that Disneyland and been swallowed up by a theme park eating monster. But no, Germany were losing. There were tears. There were screams. We had hiding under our blankets in our room refusing to go to school. Life was not fair. Jesse was not fair. Germany were losing to Italy! For heavens sake, when did we become such avid Germany Football Fans? Clearly I missed the fact that this was the end of the world as James would know it. So off he went to school, in a grump. I came home, looked around my living room, and asked myself "What the hell just happened here?"

By the way here is my 2nd installment for Challenge Me Happy's One year Anniversary Challenge, this one from Norine, and the theme being 'birthdays"

...oh and by the way, GO ITALY!

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