Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's raining cotton buds!!

How perfect is this! Fire blazing whilst snow slowly drifts from the sky. I could sit at this table forever and gaze vacantly at our backyard, it just looks so so pretty.

Doesn't everything though when covered with snow. Even our munted house in the "Red Zone" looks beautiful, rather melancholic, sitting there cold and lonely in a blanket of white to cover its imperfections.
I do have a longing to run out there (the snow is a lot thicker than above now)and cast my snow angel in the snow, yet I know how my not 10 year old body will perform. I will be like a cast sheep, struggling to heave myself back up. It will be cold. And it will be wet. I will admire the snow from this position right here I think.

I am really enjoying scrapping to challenges at the moment, maybe its my competitive side coming out, and this one I have completed from the recent Challenge Me Happy girls would have to be one of my fav's.

I have also done this one too which I can definitely say was inspired by Jessy Christopher I am really loving on her style right now too...


  1. love the primary colours co-odinating in these nice and simple but so effective.

  2. Bee that is beautiful - the papers work perfectly!!

  3. Love the "Your Room" layout with all the layers and the little butterflies. Jessy was a good choice for the "Star". :)

  4. I like the "Your room" layout especially the little butterflies!

  5. Aw, such great pages! I love your glad you joined us at CMH :)