Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The big D

Yesterday I finished a chapter in my 'life' book. The chapter was titled D is for Divorce. Not a fun chapter, though one that was inevitable. It started several years ago after coming home from a local shopping mall in tears after watching two children being 'handed' over to the other parent for the weekend. That was never going to be us. And you know what, it never has become us too. Because even though a seperation is one of the shittiest thing's you can go through, and man it would be so so easy to be bitter and angry, the kids are the only losers when adults forget about what is best for the little people. So through these last three years, my ex and I have run up and down the rugby sidelines together cheering the boys on. We have sat side by side at parent-teacher interviews and beamed at one another over the boys successes. Birthday parties are shared and the occasional drink on the back deck whilst the boys play in the yard. It has been hard, but it has been good. I'm proud of myself. The way this chapter in my life has been handled. And now more beautiful, exciting chapters are to be written with my gorgeous 3 boys, my loving friends and family, and the gorgeous man that has stood by my side and helped me through it all!

Love Bee xx

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  1. My D is for Darling girl. You my darling girl should be proud of yourself. I am so very proud of you and the grace you have shown through all of this. Those two gorgeous happy boys are the payoff. Love ya.