Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Morning everyone! Well its great that the burning ball in the sky has made a short appearance this morning, and with the breeze blowing blossom over our sodden lawn, it is actually feeling a bit "springish"!

 Over the last few months Louie and I have been visiting Room 27 at Banks Ave School to participate in the Empathy program. This is where Louie is observed by the kids and they learn about his development, and transition into different stages from being a baby through to becoming a toddler. I just love how these kids have bonded with my wee man and as each month rolls round, they are just so excited to see us! Louie, being a bit of a show pony (not sure where he gets that from!) just loves it too. So anyhow on our last visit a reporter from Pegasus Bay News came to interview us and take some snaps. All very good, that was until my gorgeous neighbor brought over her copy last night... great photo, cute article... shame about Louie being called Louie Leen rather than Louie Yates!!! Opps! Although I thought it was hilarious, and my darling ex husband thinking it was somewhat amusing, my Matty thought otherwise! Well it was bound to happen, this melting pot of a family that we live in is just the way I like it. We may have different names, with some kids belonging to others, but we love one another immensely just the same this Yates/Leen/Bradshaw clan.

 Here is a sneak peak of a  recent Layout I've done for Scrappin Patch as we are running an awesome competition at the moment Use your Stash, jump on their blog and check it out.

enjoy this sunshine, Love Bee xxx

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  1. Ooh love the sneak, looks fabulous! Oh poor Matty! You're right these things will happen and all you can do is deal with it with grace and humour, which you do.