Friday, August 31, 2012

What a week

Im knackered. This week I have shed so many tears that my tear ducts are now two achy wee holes in the corner of my eyes. And I need a miracle cream to rid of these cream puffs that are where my eyes once were.

We started the week with a hiss and a roar getting divorced. As you do. On Mondays. As if that day wasn't already the most suckiest of the week. Tuesday, exhausted by the uncontrollable sobbing and my dog being tormented by the full moon (Finn you are not a lone wolf! You are a Retriever, build a bridge!), I climbed out of bed at around 11:30. Decent enough. Then yesterday it was everyone's turn to jump on the crying wagon as myself, the ex, and the boys went to say goodbye to our family home as the government took the keys... Goodbye driveway where James learnt to ride his bike. Goodbye sunny bedroom where Jesse was nursed in the rocking chair. Goodbye back door step that I'd stand on to talk to my beautiful neighbor over the fence. So many lovely lovely memories. Many horrid ones too... goodbye gaping hole in the lounge ceiling. Goodbye liquefaction sandpits in the garden. Warped gates. Cracked paving. It sucks, this whole thing just bloody sucks.

And then we have the hello's! Hello Mandeville Park! How I can't wait to be with you. Hello new home, craft room, ensuite, walk in wardrobe, scullery, oh and did I mention craft room? Yes the Hello's in my life are going to be very happy indeed.

Love Bee xx

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  1. what a week is an understatement by the sound of it! I am so full of admiration for how you have dealt with the trauma of the big D-and how you have stayed on such good terms with your ex for the sake of the boys- and how you always stay so chirpy! You certainly have alot to look forward to with both your new men (big and small)and your 2 other special boys! Looking forward to catching up with you soon- Francine xxxx