Tuesday, November 13, 2012

a party planner?

I'd admit it! I love throwing a party. Not your average throw a sausage on the BBQ bring a plate kinda party, but one with all the trimmings. I could go nuts! I think it could be my calling. There is a problem with throwing parties though, I'm always running round like a headless chook on speed that I never get a chance to take a breath and enjoy the ambience, so I need to learn to balance the two. I do get somewhat excited too and maybe that mixed with the odd glass of Pinot Gris is a recipe for disaster. Ok, no more drinking at my own parties, strictly reserved for other peoples parties (lets hope there will be a few this summer or else it's looking a little dry)....

With that said the follow up to Louie's 1st birthday will have to be mine. Im thinking a tea party on the lawn. Peony roses, my grandmothers china, pastel accents, and delicate tasty nibbley morsels. Ok, and a sneaky wee sparkles too..

love Bee


  1. it all looks fab- i am dying to try out one of the rainbow cakes too!

  2. Hiya Belinda, hope all is well with you, I've awarded you a Liebster Award

    1. hi Heidi! thanks so much I just wish I knew what the Liebster Award was!