Monday, November 11, 2013

A very hungry caterpillars party!

Where have these 2 years gone? 2 years filled with love and laughter with having Louie in our lives. I would have a dozen others on the promise that they all would be like this wee guy. Louie has enriched not only mine and Matthews lives, but James and Jesse absolutely adore him, showing him such love and empathy.

So to celebrate this coming of age for Louie, a party was definitely in order! Of course! And I had seen so many wonderful ideas on the fabulous Pinterest for the Hungry Caterpillar theme that I simply couldn't resist! Last year the layered rainbow cake was a hit, so not to be outdone by myself, I chose a polka dot cake this year, it was so cool.

The food theme was based around the items that the caterpillar gets through in the book though we did have a bit of a road block when after trying 4 supermarkets Matt came home without the all important watermelon! He even had the owner of Gordons Groceror off to the buyers market to track one down! Bless! The 15 little hungry caterpillars (i.e. party goers) didn't seem to notice.

So another great year, and another great party. Im looking forward to planning the next one for you darling….

Love Bee

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  1. Such a completely awesome party theme, I've often seen that theme and thought oh how super cute! You did it so well, what a wonderful celebration! Amazing cake too :)